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"Balance is a tool for planning, recording, reporting but most importantly for learning. "

Alan Brown,
Oldfield Primary School, Chester

At Oldfield, we recognised the need to take ownership of our assessment processes and procedures post-levels. We had always been concerned with the differences between children with the same level. The best fit model of summative assessment within and at the end of each Key Stage did not identify the individual learning needs and strengths of a child. The expectation to sub-level children at the end of each term was not appropriate, with some levels needing a whole academic year before attainment and progress could really be measured.

We had worked with the Literacy Company and First 4 Maths before choosing Balance as our Assessment partner. The use of key assessment criteria from both companies focusses on the progress in learning.

The ability to make regular formative judgements rather than termly summative ones, Balance allows us to focus on learning and what the children do and do not know. Balance is a tool for planning, recording, reporting but most importantly for learning. 

The ability to analyse learning information has allowed us to identify strengths and areas for development in our teaching. Being able to drill down into particular areas of the Reading, Writing and Maths curriculum has informed our school self-evaluation and allowed us to identify possible CPD.

We are in our second year of working with Balance and are benefitting from the regular updates in helping us give our pupils the best learning experience they can have.