Why use Balance?


For Teachers

No more assessment weeks; no more filling trackers; no more time wasted

  1. Time is precious. Balance is simple to use and ensures teachers focus on what matters most. 
  2. The curriculum is broken down into easy progressive steps making planning and assessment much more straight-forward.
  3. Working deeper elements are invaluable in helping teachers provide depth to the new curriculum. 
  4. Balance helps teachers to better inform their lesson planning. 
  5. Teachers can easily review previous learning to ensure a perfect pitch for every pupil.
  6. Teachers can capture learning, allowing immediate feedback to shape next steps.


For Pupils

Getting every next step right

  1. Pupils become actively involved in the learning process and understand more clearly their next steps. As a result of this, they make significant gains in their learning.
  2. Pupils develop a better understanding of how they are doing and where they need to progress on a daily basis. 
  3. Simple and clear graphs show exactly where strengths and areas for development are. 
  4. Balance opens up conversations for teachers to coach children through misconceptions and next steps in learning 

For Leaders

Progress measures that just make sense


  1. Assessment information collated provides a reliable and honest picture of progress & attainment for pupils, groups & cohorts.

  2. Progress measures that are personal to your curriculum & school.

  3. Areas for development are clearly identified allowing targeted interventions to be put in place.

  4. Gap analysis allows for clear and accurate target setting that can be shared with all stakeholders.

  5. Balance is in complete alignment with recommendations from the DFE, NAHT & Assessment Without Levels Commission 2015.


For Parents

Parents' nights will never be the same

  1. Every area of the curriculum is clear.
  2. Using our intuitive graphs, parents can see exactly where they need to support their children.
  3. In Balance schools, parents nights will never be the same again. 
  4. Future functionality will allow parents and teachers to engage like never before.