Our curriculum is broken down in such a way that we can personalise the learning journey to fit different schools, curriculums and even individual children. We know learning isn’t linear and wanted to create a tool that helped teachers to support children to catch up, fill gaps, deepen understanding, and overcome any barriers they may have. Balance progress allows schools to do just that. Teachers and leaders are now able to set sensible progress measures and see along the way who is falling behind. 

Balance progress just makes sense.



We believe we have created something that no other product can offer.

Filter - contextual data.png

Universal filters

We have thought long and hard about how Balance could be used most efficiently. Our universal filters make sure that you can see precise information about any group of children. From planning lessons to viewing analysis, filters are intuitive and simple to use. No more complicated and lengthy ‘drilling down’ for reporting. 




Filters allow you to capture, analyse and investigate all information that teachers collate. Simple.