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Our Principles


We believe an assessment tool:

  • Should be aspirational & contribute towards informing next steps of learning
  • Should be understandable and clear to parents and pupils so as to encourage better engagement in learning.
  • Should start and end with the learning itself.
  • Should not be another system designed with a focus on ‘labelling’ or ‘grading’ pupils.
  • Should be manageable for teachers. 


Meet The Team


Tom Wallace

Currently DHT of an outstanding school and assessment specialist. As an educational consultant and Specialist Leader in Education, Tom has worked with key professionals in the world of assessment over the last 4 years. His research and experience of classroom practice places him perfectly to understand the needs of teachers across the country.

Andy Kent

Andy is the Chief Executive of Angel Solutions, responsible for 16 years of creating innovative web applications for those passionate about education. Angel work with every Local Authority in England as well as thousands of schools, children’s centres, and nurseries nationwide and internationally.


Sarah Skelley & Toni Reid

Sarah and Toni are teachers who worked together as mathematics consultants for seven years before setting up their own company First4Maths in October 2011. They work closely with schools to ensure that practice can be developed effectively whilst understanding the challenges that face teachers on a daily basis. This was at the forefront of their minds when they developed the mathematical content for Balance. Sarah & Toni are committed to developing a love and understanding of mathematics for children and the adults that work with them.

Linda Neill & Cath Richardson

Linda and Cath lead a team of dedicated consultants who work closely with schools to enhance the curriculum and to improve standards in English. They have many years of experience in teaching and in advisory work. When working to create the English content in Balance, they remained focused on their key aim of enhancing classroom teaching and produced materials that will support all teaches. Linda and Cath are passionate about literacy and aim to share this with teachers and children alike.