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Balance Features

With Balance, teachers use our clear and progressive
curriculum to know exactly where to focus their teaching.

Learning is captured on our ‘learning wheel’, either during
the lesson or when teachers are reflecting on how well
their class have done. Valuable assessment information is
then gathered and intuitive and simple analysis shows exactly
where children are. Teachers can then plan what to do
next to make sure all pupils achieve their potential.


Learning wheel

A revolution in learning... Learning wheels give a whole new insight into children’s learning. Teachers are quickly able to show how well children have done in their lessons. Because the curriculum is broken down into simple progressive steps, teachers can focus on exactly how well children have performed in every area. 

By recording the small steps in this way, we are truly accountable to the learning of every child. Through using the learning wheel we can see progress before aspects of the curriculum are secure. All children don’t learn the same way and charts help teachers reflect on what works best and where children are struggling.



Integrity drives Balance.


Attainment pies

Once teachers are confident pupils are secure with particular aspects of the curriculum, they click ‘lock’ to update the assessment system. The profile for the pupil can be easily seen on our intuitive pie charts. 

Granular detail of all aspects of the curriculum can be seen, supporting teacher planning and facilitating discussion with children and parents. 

Gaps in learning are then clear to see. 


Because we capture learning in the way that we do - the rest just follows….



Our curriculum is broken down in such a way that we can personalise the learning journey to fit different schools, curriculums and even individual children. We know learning isn’t linear and wanted to create a tool that helped teachers to support children to catch up, fill gaps, deepen understanding, and overcome any barriers they may have. Balance progress allows schools to do just that. Teachers and leaders are now able to set sensible progress measures and see along the way who is falling behind. 

Balance progress just makes sense.



We believe we have created something that no other product can offer.

Filter - contextual data.png

Universal filters

We have thought long and hard about how Balance could be used most efficiently. Our universal filters make sure that you can see precise information about any group of children. From planning lessons to viewing analysis, filters are intuitive and simple to use. No more complicated and lengthy ‘drilling down’ for reporting. 




Filters allow you to capture, analyse and investigate all information that teachers collate. Simple.

Gap analysis.png

Gap analysis

Analysis should be simple and clear. Because we collect assessment information in the way we do, pupil attainment is clear and precise. Balance makes sure you can see exactly where pupils, groups and the whole class are in their learning. Seeing and closing gaps then becomes much easier to do. 



In gap analysis you can see how all groups perform and set targets based on real learning. The integrity of Balance assessment information sets it apart from the rest.