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 The Learning Powered Approach


The Learning Power Approach (LPA) is an umbrella term for an emerging school of thought about teaching and learning. Deriving from research and development groups working independently in Australia, the UK and the US, the LPA shows teachers how to adjust small aspects of the nitty-gritty of their teaching in order to achieve two aims:

– Better results

– And the development of confident, independent learners

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Balance & LPA… a marriage made in heaven.

Below is an extract from an LPA guest blog by @jjbrassington, discussing how to construct collaborative classrooms. To read to the full blog and others, from such educationalists as @HYWEL_ROBERTS, click the image below.

Constructing Collaborative Classrooms

I also make time for regular reflection. This is best planned during a collaborative task. I highlight a group who are working really effectively and ask them to explain what they are doing well. This is brilliant guidance for children who are finding collaborating more difficult. Often in our school we use the Balance Learning Wheel (@balance_edu) to support these conversations. Children rate themselves as collaborators, using the success criteria they generated earlier to support them


. For example; a group might feel their collaboration was a 6 on the learning wheel. I would say,

“That’s great! Why did you not say 4 or 5, what is it that you are doing to collaborate effectively? Now, what is going to help you get to a 7 or an 8, what would help you to collaborate more effectively?”

The learning wheel is a brilliant support for these conversations and allows children to reflect on the small steps of progress they are making as collaborative learners.

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