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Balance Hubs.

Disrupting the status quo of education.

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All new curriculum builder

Intentional. Intuitive. Progressive.

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 Personalised assessment that drives teaching and learning

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Tablet: Individual Analysis. Mobile: Attainment over time - Reading PP v Non PP

Tablet: Individual Analysis. Mobile: Attainment over time - Reading PP v Non PP


 Putting assessment back at the heart of teaching and learning.

Assessment is much more than data and statistics. Balance focuses on building a learning culture within schools, developing teachers expertise and allowing children to take ownership of their understanding.

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Introducing the Balance wheel.


A simple and universal tool, the Balance Wheel allows children to regulate their own understanding. It strengthens children mindsets, promotes child-to-teacher feedback developing a low threat high challenge culture. It’s more than just a wheel…

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More than just software…


Teacher Workload

Schools are busy organisations. Helping staff regain control of their work-life balance has its challenges. Balance has done all the hard work for, bringing beauty and simplicity to a complex profession.

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Balance Software

We have re-thought and re-imagined assessment in school. A true life-after-levels tool, Balance is built for the future of education which is reflected in the software. Welcome to Balance.


Effective Feedback

Working with the world’s most formative assessment experts, we have developed and homed our understanding of effective feedback, helping children exceed their potential


Balance has re-ignited my love for teaching

Laura Moreton. St. Michael's in the Hamlet


To find a programme in Balance, which can focus your teaching as well as reduce your marking and workload, is invaluable.

Hannah Doyle. Prescot Primary


Balance reminds you why you became a teacher.

Jazmin Rashid. Parkgate Primary


Balance provides an opportunity for us all to engage with the pioneers and educationalists who are shaping the future of education.

Adam Vasco. St. Vincent De Paul


Next Generation School Training.

Build. Embed. Sustain.


Read. Think. Comment.


Listen. Watch. Immerse.


Balance Podcast: Episode 1

Alan and Daryn relive their childhood and school experiences that helped shaped them become the teachers and educators they are today. Community, the arts and a unwavering determination to make a difference, all shine through in this must listen podcast.

@Slotter08 and @Darynsimon

Balance Films: Balance Philosophy

When 2 teachers decided enough was enough, they never realised that what they dreamt would ignite an evolution in the way we view assessment. Watch the story behind the birth of Balance. By teachers, for teachers.

@Balance_Tom @amoored