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Balance is bringing a revolution to the way teachers assess and evaluate children’s learning. 

Its unique approach to capturing learning makes it completely different from any other assessment tool. 

For the first time, Balance truly brings formative and summative assessment together. 

Teachers receive real information about their children’s learning in a manner more tangible than before - whilst parents can keep track of areas to celebrate - and those where a little more support is needed. 

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What people are saying

I am extremely excited by what Balance has to offer. It has changed the way we think about assessment. Its simplicity is its beauty. The powerful analysis tool allows teachers to use the system to see where there are gaps in individual pupils’ understanding to the finest detail. As a senior leader, I really like how I can see a pupil’s progress towards securing a particular objective over time. Even if they haven’t completely secured an objective, I can see that they are progressing.
— Paul Phillips. Deputy Headteacher, Our Lady Star of the Sea. Ellesmere Port.
Balance cleverly collates formative assessments and measures pupils’ achievements against age related expectations. You are able to celebrate the achievements of your pupils and move them forward in their learning. And the best thing is, it’s user friendly! As a teacher I am excited about the impact Balance is having on learning at my school. 
— Emily Reed. Assistant Head, Meadow Primary School. Great Sutton

Created by Teachers, for teachers

Balance has been created by teachers and leaders who were frustrated with assessment systems in schools.

After many years spending time adapting these systems and searching for meaningful assessment information from them, the idea for Balance was born. 

Based in sound research and real practice, Balance has an integrity that few others can match. 

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The Team


How does it work?

With Balance, teachers use our clear and progressive curriculum to know exactly where to focus their teaching.

Learning is captured on our ‘learning wheel’, either during the lesson or when teachers are reflecting on how well their class have done. Valuable assessment information is then gathered and intuitive and simple analysis shows exactly where children are. Teachers can then plan what to do next to make sure all pupils achieve their potential. 

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The Product


Balance makes feedback and assessment simpler and more effective for teachers, pupils and parents.