Are you interested in reducing workload for your teachers?


By Ben Jackson

As a teacher, I used to spend the majority of my evenings and weekends marking books. I began to realise that a lot of what I was writing in the books was having very little impact on the children’s learning in the classroom and yet, this was a time-consuming burdensome task I sat down to do every evening.

I was so busy marking books that I often didn’t feel I had the opportunity to do what I really needed to- which was to identify gaps in children’s understanding, speak to them and use this information to inform my planning and create really exciting lessons.

Sadly, the workload overtook my joy for teaching and although I love teaching, I decided to leave the profession and do something to directly tackle the very issue that made me come to this decision. There are far too many examples of great teachers who have left or are considering leaving the profession. According to a recent National Education Union survey80% of classroom teachers have seriously considered leaving the profession in the past 12 months because of their workload.

Earlier this year, the DfE acknowledged this crisis and brought out a video to encourage school leaders to help teachers reduce the time they are spending on unnecessary tasks.

I now work for Balance and we provide a teaching and learning assessment package. At the heart of our philosophy is teacher well-being and positive outcomes for children.

At Balance, we know that teachers are some of the most hardworking human beings on the planet. From hundreds of conversations with classroom practitioners, we also know that it is simply not possible for many teachers to work any “harder”. Balance allows teachers to work smarter during their lessons. This means spending less time on those ‘tick-box’ activities that have little impact on children’s learning and replace them with effective initiatives that drive learning forward.

We know that the quality of teaching and learning interactions is the key determiner of a child’s progress. Balance gives your team the tools that make these interactions more effective day-in-day-out AND the time to make sure that they’re delivering them with the same passion as they did on their first day.

Have you started to reduce the workload for the teachers at your school? Are they able to spend their time in a way that makes the most impact in their classroom? Is there anything more that you can do?

If you would like to learn more about how Balance can help your teachers to reduce their workload AND effectively identify and address learning gaps, please complete this form or drop us an email on