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Balance is a new educational software platform that makes planning, feedback and assessment simpler and more effective for all. Because of the way we capture learning, the rest just follows. Assessment information from Balance has integrity that few others can match.



We believe that assessment is at the heart of good teaching & learning. In line with the recommendations from the 'Commission on Assessment without Levels', our principles drive everything we do.


"Its simplicity
is its beauty"

Schools across the country are finding out how Balance is transforming their approach to teaching & learning, assessment and well-being. 


Progress measures that just make sense.

We understand learning is personal. Balance lets schools plan their own unique journey, making sure that no child is left behind.


Why use

No more assessment weeks, no more
filling trackers, no more time wasted.
Balance is simple to use and ensures
teachers focus on what matters most. 


More than
just software.

We are passionate about teaching and learning. See how our team can help you transform outcomes for pupils and help leaders put assessment at the heart of school improvement.